Image of Rose, the owner and designer behind Honey Bunch Lettering.


Welcome to Honey Bunch Lettering, your destination for all things soft and spooky. My name is Rose, I am an architectural designer by day and an illustrator & maker by hobby!

I am nothing if not two things: a paper person and an "every day is halloween" person. The stationery products I create nourish both the dark and sweet sides of my soul, and you will find my shop oscillating throughout the year between the two. On a sunny afternoon, you can find me at Forest Hills & Mount Auburn Cemetery, or perhaps at my favorite local paper store (probably one with lots of plants too).   

I started this small business in April 2020, having informally dabbled in calligraphy for family and friends. Calligraphy turned into lettering and digital illustration, which turned into making greeting cards, lettering prints, enamel pins and so much more. This shop and my work is inspired by my Mom, my Honey Bunch, who nourished my creativity in more ways than one. The pieces I create now are an ode to her, and this story is one of love and loss. Dark and light. Soft and spooky.    
Come on in - We are Honey Bunch and Rosie Posie.